Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2018
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2018


A rainy, rather chilly, winter leading to a late bud break. April was a month of contrasts; starting rainy followed by an exceptional heat and then end of April fresh again.

Months of May and June were particularly wet, leading to the development of the mildiou, and locally marked by a hail storm.

As of mid July, the summer was exceptionally dry, leading to a reducing of the mildiou disease and assuring the maturation of the grapes.

An early vintage, and an exceptional after-season which led to the grapes reaching their optimal maturity.



October 2020

Not available yet (ageing in wooden barrels).


Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2017
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2017


A cold and dry winter in January, then mild and rainy during February and March, which encouraged an early bud break. The month of April was a month of climatological contrasts marked by an hystorical frost.

An early and fast flowering due to the return of the spring during the month of May, followed by an exceptional dry summer.

A sunny and dry after-season that allowed us to harvest the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes at full maturity and in good conditions.

2017, a delicate vintage marked by a considerable heterogeneity.



October 2020

Soon available (barrel ageing coming to an end).


Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2016
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2016


A mild and extremely rainy winter followed by a muddy spring, which led to a delay of vegetation.

At the beginning of the flowering, miraculously dry weather appears.

An exceptional dry and warm summer.

During the month of September, we had rain which saved us and relaunched the maturation. From mid September until October, lots of sunshine with almost no rain. These conditions led to a perfection of the maturation and allowed us to harvest in serenity.

Ideal climatological conditions to harvest grapes of excellent quality.



October 2020

Coulour : intense, profound ruby red colour with some violet reflections.

Nose : very fresh and fruity nose, beautiful aromas of ripe fruit, some mineral notes.

Mouth: very equilibrated in the mouth; a very soft attack with beautiful fresh red fruit. Lots of unctuosity with a lingering finish.

Beautiful concentration and texture. A really beautiful vintage! 

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2015
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2015


A winter with no exceptional character (rainy during the first 2 months, colder from the mid of January until the mid of February), followed by a dry and warm spring reaching an almost perfect flowering.

An ideal climate to satisfy the first two conditions of an excellent vintage: an early, fast and homogenic flowering and fruit-setting.

A dry and warm start of the summer, followed by a saving month of August to launch the maturation.

The third necessary condition of a good vintage in red wine; the cessation of growth, is noted at the beginning of the flowering.

Months of September and October: fresh, sunny and no rain resulted in harvesting in serenity. This together with the other 2 conditions result in the success of harvesting grapes of excellent quality and in an excellent vintage.



October 2020

Coulour : ruby red

Nose: complex, aromas of red fruit, mineral notes.

Mouth: the palate is smooth with subtle tanins.

Elegant, fine and generous finish.




Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2014
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2014


After a rainy and soft winter, an early bud break. A spring with strong thermic variations.

An improvement during the month of June in order to reach the yield. A lack of summer during the months of July and August leading to stop in the growing of the grapes before the veraison.

September and October: wonderful months assuring the maturation.

Relatively late harvest but in excellent climatological conditions for all grape varieties.



October 2020

Coulour : intense garnet.

Nose: very aromatic, aromas of candied cherries, some notes of undergrowth.

Mouth: very structured palat. Profile of a balanced wine.

Beautiful aftertaste.


Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2012
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2012


Rather tardy and marked by a desperately humid spring, by an exceptional dry summer, by a disrupted autumn, making us harvest sooner. 2012 is the antithesis of 2011.

A wintery spring led to the delay of growth in the vines and provoked the start of the heterogeneity.



October 2020

Couleur : garnet.

Nose: red fruit with some empyreumatic notes

Delicate and elegant mouth feel with melted tanins.

Aftertaste is characterized by a certain length, with persistent and powerful aromas.



Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2011
Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2011


The vintage of 2011 has not been an easy vintage.

A vintage without fall, straight from the winter season into the summer. A bud break end of March and an exceptionally early flowering mid of May. An early veraison in July, with a strong lack of water.

A slow and irregular ripening of the reds, with a month of August almost autumnal, followed by a month of September exceptionally warm and dry, which was positive for the maturation of the cabernet-sauvignon grapes.

Early harvesting, but spread in time, and not without fear of grey mold.



October 2020

Colour: very nice colour, a beautiful garnet red colour

Nose: a very refined, fresh and fruity nose with dark cherry aromas.

Elegant and pleasant mouth feel with fine tanins. A good acidity in the mouth.

A delicate and fresh aftertaste.


Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2010


Despite arriving on the tail of the 2009 vintage, the 2010 vintage is a superb wine with an imposing structure and excellent acidity.

It has a good chance of surpassing the 2009 vintage in around fifteen years.

A tough start was had after a cold, wet winter, with a cold, wet June leading to a failure of the fruit to set and millerandage on the merlots.

But temperatures rose at the end of June, with the summer being especially dry. There was a 2-week heat wave at the end of July which caused the vines to stop growing. Luckily, temperatures dropped in August and September and moderate rainfall made up for the water stress.

In late September and early October, sunny days and cool nights allow the harvesting (in smaller quantities than in 2009, due to the weather conditions in June) of fruity grapes high in tannins and colour.

Beginning of the harvest on October 6: a fruity, intense vintage which will reach its full potential in the next few years.



Colour: deep purple

Nose: a highly aromatic nose of ripe red berries

Mouth: a powerful, fruity and intense palate balanced by woody notes from the barrels. A powerful, persistent aftertaste.

A good wine for long aging. 

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2009


Conversely to the 2008 vintage which caused a great deal of worry before producing very positive results, the 2009 vintage seemed like a gift from the gods.

-  Flowering in early June, accompanied by warm, dry and sunny weather

-  Early ripening.

-  Completed ripening thanks to warm, dry weather in August and September and some small instances of rainfall in September.

-  Cool night-time temperatures, which contributed to the accumulation of pigment, helped maintain acidity and allowed flavours to develop through slow ripening.

-  Finally, a dream harvest in late September and early October in exceptionally dry weather conditions.



The wine produced was crisp and voluptuous with very ripe fruity notes. The colour and tannins were intense and suggested excellent aging potential, but its subtlety and elegance dominated over its intensity.

An exceptional vintage, as good as 2005.



A dark garnet colour.

A vinous nose with very ripe red berry and prune notes.

An incredibly complex palate, both intense and smooth. Intense, silky tannins. Notes of liquorice and ripe red berries, complemented by the wood of the barrels.

An extraordinarily rich, intense aftertaste.

What an incredible vintage!

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2008


A challenging year for vintners. After a mild, dry winter, the start of the vines was delayed by the cold period that took place between mid-March and the end of April.

It hailed a few times during the rainy month of May, which put a strain on some of the vine parcels.

Flowering occurred in June during a cool, rainy period, which led to failure of the fruit to set.

A long period of good, dry weather between late June and August 10 helped develop the potential of the tannins and colouring.

Another challenging period from mid-August to September 16, cold and wet, was luckily followed in mid-September by good, dry weather thanks to the appearance of a wind from the northeast.

The nights, which remained cool, allowed for gradual, balanced ripening, favouring elegant aromatic expressions.



The wine produced was surprising, with high colour and tannin concentrations while retaining a very smooth mouthfeel.



A garnet colour.

A thick caramel and cocoa nose.

A flavourful, mellow palate with orange and candied berry notes. A harmonious tannin structure.

A long, creamy aftertaste. 

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2007


Dismal weather conditions from May to August, with heavy rainfall, allowed the soil’s water reserves, which had been low after four dry years, to be restored. Temperatures were lower during this period than for the 2006 vintage.

Special monitoring was necessary, due to the conditions, to protect the vineyard against mildew.

However, like in the previous years, an especially sunny September provided excellent conditions to allow the grapes to ripen in very good conditions.

A careful sorting of grapes on the vine, and the desire to not rush the cabernet sauvignon harvest in order to let it ripen fully, leads to a very good harvest.



The wines produced were characterized by fresh red berry notes. The tannins are ripe and balanced, with no hint of austerity.



Coral colour.

A very fresh nose with notes of caramel, tobacco and underbrush.

A palate characterized by aromas of acidic red berries (redcurrant, raspberry, cranberry) combined with a delicate woody flavour provided by the barrels.

A lively, acidic and fruity aftertaste with an elegant tannin structure.

A wine to be enjoyed immediately. 

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2006


After a great deal of rainfall in March, the temperature in the next four months was significantly higher than the season’s average. July reached heat wave levels.

Unfortunately, a cool, rainy August slowed ripening.

Early September was excellent with temperatures of 35°C, which were unfortunately followed by heavy rainfall. But late September and early October were sunny enough to allow the grapes to fully ripen.

This vintage needed to be harvested and made into wine with care and selectiveness.



The wine produced was more classic than that of the 2005 vintage, with balanced and intense-tasting merlots and structured cabernets with a high potential for aging.



A deep purple colour.

A fresh nose with hints of red berries and underbrush.

An aromatic, fresh nose, highly structured and pleasantly supported by nutty tannins.

A consistent aftertaste with a nice tannin structure and no dryness.

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2004


A pleasant, dry June brought about rapid and consistent flowering.

The mild weather continued into July, but got a great deal worse starting on August 15 with not enough sun and too much rain. But, as for the 2002 vintage, an excellent first half of September led to a spectacular recovery.

The result is a vintage of extraordinary maturity and highly consistent quality, regardless of variety.



Once the wine was made, the result was a vintage made for aging, with silky, balanced tannins and remarkable body despite the generous yield.



Cherry colour with light orange highlights

A sweet, fruity nose, complex and harmonious.

A heady palate with distinct, yet harmonious tannins. Notes of ripe, red berries (strawberries, raspberries).

Long-lasting but smooth aftertaste.

A wine that can be enjoyed immediately. 

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2002


Early May marked the start of a long period of cold and bad weather, which slowed flowering and raised fears of insufficient fertilization. Indeed, failure of the fruit to set was observed on all varieties in June.

After a sunny period in July, August was very cold and wet. The grapes matured slowly and we began to worry. But a miracle happened in September, with the arrival of an Indian summer that lasted until mid-October.

In the end, we produced a Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant wine for the 2002 vintage which was powerful and balanced with an excellent tannin structure, suggesting that it would age well.





Vermilion in colour, deeper than that of the 2001 vintage.

Very aromatic red berry nose combined with aromas of wet underbrush.

Fine and delicate palate, fresh and fruity. Nice tannin structure heightened by a slight nuttiness.

Fruity aftertaste without dryness. 

Château Bertrand Braneyre - 2000


The vines started budding early and began to flower in the first few days of June.

The warm weather in August and September allowed the grapes to mature splendidly.

Start of the harvest on October 2: from the very start of the harvest, the wine produced, richly coloured, powerful and robust, made it clear that 2000 would be an excellent vintage.



Colour: a lovely carmine colour with orange highlights

Nose: the nose reveals notes of prune, candied cherries and underbrush

On the palate: notes of very ripe red fruits. A lightly acidic taste which combines well with its slight nutty, buttery and toasted notes

Full-bodied and flavourful without aggressive tannins. Elegant and persistant aftertaste.