The varieties

THE VARIETIES USED IN OUR WINES (general characteristics):



CIVB-Cronenberger P.

The oldest variety in Bordeaux, which makes a darkly coloured wine with low alcohol and high tannin content. A late ripener, it keeps and ages well.

Notes of ripe blackcurrant, blackcurrant leaf, blackberry, liquorice, underbrush, tobacco, truffles, vanilla, violet…

Small to medium-sized, cylindro-conical, winged bunches. Small, spherical black grapes with a nice bloom and a bluish black appearance. Thick skin with firm, crisp flesh that has a characteristic tart taste, very high in tannins.





Makes a very high-quality, perfumed wine, less darkly coloured than that made with cabernet-sauvignon and with a lower tannin content, which allows it to be aged more quickly.

Notes of blackcurrant (sometimes mixed with vegetal notes of blackberry wood), quince, ivy leaf, fern, underbrush, strawberry, raspberry, violet…

Small, cylindro-conical, loose, occasionally winged bunches. Small, spherical berries with a nice bloom and a bluish black appearance. Thin skin, sweet, slightly tart juice.




Makes a pleasant, supple wine, deep in colour and slightly sour. With its intensity of colour, it can be mixed with cabernet franc to make a lighter, more delicate and mellower wine.

Notes of cherry, leather, spices, strawberry jam, blackberry, dark chocolate, animal notes (game), plum, sloe, prune, liquorice, truffle, violet…

Medium-sized, cylindrical, loose, occasionally winged bunches. Spherical, small- to medium-sized, bluish black berries.



Makes robust, tannic wines with a high anthocyanin content, a deep, vibrant colour, and frequently high alcohol content. Keeps well (its total acid content is often high) and takes a long time to develop its bouquet.

Notes of liquorice, redcurrant, blackcurrant.

Small- to medium-sized cylindrical bunches, fairly compact and rarely winged, with long stalks. Small, spherical berries of a nice bluish black. Hard skins.