Le Graves Blanc
Le Graves Blanc Intemporel - 2014
AOC   Graves Blanc
Surface area    Produced on 2ha of vines
Soil    South/southeast-facing terroir
  • 70% Sémillon
  • 30% Sauvignon
Winemaking  Produced and barrel aged for six months
Annual production 8000 – 10000 bouteilles
Label The painter Bert de Keyser immortalized  Bertrand Braneyre’s Graves Blanc with Rembrandt’s timeless drawing.

THE WHITE VARIETIES USED (general characteristics)


Produces an elegant and powerful wine, high in alcohol, of a wonderful golden yellow, with low acidity. Frequently paired with sauvignon.

Aromas of roasted almond, acacia flowers, angelica, fresh butter, cinnamon, citron, candied berries, lis, honey, roasted hazelnut, fresh nuts, green apple…

Medium-sized, cylindrical, compact, winged bunches with medium-sized, spherical, golden white grapes which can even become pinkish when fully ripe, thick skin, very juicy with a light Muscat flavour.


A dry white wine, very aromatic and perfumed, elegant, very fine, balanced, musky.

Aromas of apricot, bitter almond, pineapple, rosewood, blackcurrant bud, boxwood, blackcurrant, exotic fruits, spices, fennel, blackcurrant leaf, orange flower, cut hay, broom, mango, honey, musky notes, orange, straw, grapefruit, fresh apple, citrus zest…

Small, truncated, compact and sometimes winged bunches, small, oval grapes which are golden-yellow at full maturity, thick skin and juicy flesh with a special flavour reminiscent of Muscat. 


- A nice pale yellow colour with green tones

- White flower, honey and grapefruit bouquet

- A full-bodied, oily and voluptuous palate